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Welcome to JUSTSING by Gabriel Forss – a choir and concept for anyone who loves to sing no matter if you’re used to singing or singing for the first time. All that matters is that YOU want to sing with us!

Our choirs sing Pop, Soul, Gospel, Schlager and Rock in arrangements for three part voices produced by Gabriel.

During a rehearsal you will experience simple choreography, vocal exercises to warm up your voice, try a number of new songs and try singing harmony if you want, either the melody, soprano or tenor. Here you can challenge yourself and you can switch whenever you want to just as long as you have fun!

Our carefully chosen choir leaders are amazing and also trained to teach according to Gabriel’s model (singing by ear), spread joy, inspiration and create a community.

Our goal and focus is to have fun and enjoy the choir, sing a lot, make new friends, feel inspired to participate in other future choir activities.

Everyone is welcome – we acclaim the song – let go, sing out with us – JUSTSING!

Please join us, we look forward to seeing you soon!