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“We all have a voice, and we can develop it. Singing is about community and joy and that’s the magic of a choir – you mix different voices – strong, weak and when everyone sings together, it sounds amazing. ” Gabriel Forss

When Gabriel started his first choir in 2004, he hoped for 50 participants – then he would be more than satisfied. Outside there were more than 400 people who longed to sing.

Gabriel’s concept, “You Can Sing Gospel (singing without notes, only by ear) was already a success. Much has happened since 2004 – Today, the choir “Happy Voices”, sings with Gabriel in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö where over 2500 people sing together with Gabriel every week, for 10 weeks and then end the term with a wonderful concert with a guest artist.

Over the years, Gabriel has often received requests from choir leaders all over the country who have asked to buy Gabriel’s arrangements.  When Gabriel launches JUSTSING, there is also the opportunity for choir leaders to buy Gabriel’s arrangements. When Gabriel does not lead his big choirs, he is a frequent hired singalong director, artist and lecturer.

Welcome to www.gabrielforss.se where you can read about Gabriel’s mission and stay up to date.

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